It’s not about the thread.

Thread is merely an organizing principle.  A frame to drive focus, a tool to loosely collect and arrange the things and people that matter to me.  Most of those thread arrangements remain in private memories, but occasionally simulations are captured on slices of time and space or shared in collective social memories.   These are some of those simulations.

About Sam Jay

Texture has always been of interest.  However, its only in the past decade that this textural interest has focused and operationalized, or linearized, in the form of string, rope, cable and its application on human bodies.

Blind Alleys

Sam Jay – Fiber Arts

Personal Experience via long, flexible brushes stretched in the form of lines and molded into taut, conforming surfaces that impose shape onto space. A process of physical and psychological performance that follows a journey from unstructure, to structure and back to a new, alternative form of unstructure. Installations static and dynamic, with or without integration …

Contact Me

I provide art installations, performative pieces, photographic images, shibari life drawing sessions, kinbaku / shibari tying lessons.   Contact me via

email: samjayshibari at gmail dotcom .

instagram: @kinbakookies

Sam Jay

Journal Square, NJ / NYC